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I believe that we Canadians have confounded the issue of prostitution, and we have also confused ourselves. While we are busy touring nationally and perhaps internationally seeking answers from other countries, some of which have normalized and legally sanctioned prostitution, Canadas prostituted women remain trapped. I am deeply concerned that Canada will legislate for decriminalization of prostitution to all parties concerned. If this occurs, we will offer no hope for a better future; a future in which women are free from the sexual exploitation that is prostitution. prostitute mass search I thank you for your time and for listening this morning. prostitute mass search On the other side of the equation, with the johns, section 213 allows us to educate and reduce some of the myths youve heard that exist around the sex trade industry, such as that the women actually enjoy it and theyve chosen to go into it. These, of course, are myths. Section 213 allows us to not only deal with the demand side but also with the supply side of the equation. It can allow us to prevent the mentoring, if we can get them early. It can also allow them to exit, if we can refer them, rather than arrest them, to some of the groups out there, such as PEERS and other groups, that offer exit and training strategies for women. prostitute mass search Ms. Scarlett Lake: I see it no more than anybody else who drives around town and looks out their window, but its not of particular relevance to my business. Une étude des Nations Unies intitulée Womens Education and Fertility Behaviour a conclu que lactivité économique chez les femmes indiennes diminue à mesure quelles deviennent plus instruites, ce qui laisse entendre, du moins pour les femmes, quil existe une plus grande corrélation entre la pauvreté et lactivité économique quentre le degré dinstruction et lactivité économique Nations Unies 1993b, 10. Létude a révélé quil y avait une augmentation de la participation des femmes sur le marché du travail au sein des groupes les plus instruits, ce qui est principalement dû au fait que ces femmes ne participent pas à des activités agricoles ibid.; voir aussi Liddle et Joshi 1986, 72-73. Un rapport indique que de nouvelles occasions demploi sont plus facilement accessibles aux femmes de la classe moyenne quaux travailleuses non spécialisées ou spécialisées Manushi juill-août 1991, 10. Lembauche de femmes dans les secteurs du transport, des communications et des finances a augmenté parce que ces secteurs se sont développés, mais les travailleurs dans ces domaines ne représentent quune faible proportion de la main-doeuvre totale ibid 3.3 Les femmes et la vie politique Le contrat Premium Access de votre équipe se termine bientôt. Richard-Molard, Georges 1976. Avec les prostituées: lenjeu dun combat in French Chalet.. CS1 maint: refharv We get a false paradigm if we accept that prostitution is inevitable, that its the worlds oldest profession and wont ever go away. I prefer to start by saying it can. We as humans, people with free will and choice and with the full ability in a democratic society to decide how were going to have our society structured, can ensure that the weakest among us have the full benefit of full citizenship. On rapporte que lamniocentèse est largement utilisée pour déterminer le sexe du foetus, ce qui entraîne un pourcentage disproportionné davortements de foetus de sexe féminin Country Reports 1993 1994, 1351; The Toronto Star 4 févr. 1993, A17; Nations Unies 1993a, 59; ILSA Journal of International Law 1992, 111. Une étude menée à Bombay en 1986 a révélé que, même si toutes les classes profitent de la technologie, les tests pour déterminer le sexe du foetus sont principalement utilisés par les classes moyennes et inférieures Legal Perspectives s.d Doc. Nø 18, 29. Daprès une enquête effectuée en 1991, 50 000 avortements de foetus de sexe féminin sont pratiqués chaque année à la suite de tests de détermination du sexe The Toronto Star 4 févr. 1993, A17; The Times 5 mars 1994, 11, et ce nombre aurait augmenté ibid. Les tests visant à déterminer le sexe ont été interdits au Pendjab, au Maharashtra et au Rajasthan AP 23 mai 1994; The Irish Times 30 mai 1994; Country Reports 1993, 1144. Une lettre de lambassade de lInde aux Etats-Unis, reproduite dans le Washington Times, indique que les tests sont également interdits en Haryana Washington Times 13 juill 1994. WIN News a rapporté en 1990 que les résultats dune interdiction au Maharashtra nont pas été très fructueux WIN News automne 1990a, 22, et dautres rapports, signalent que de nombreux médecins à Bombay, capitale du Maharashtra, pratiquent encore les tests et les avortements subséquents The New York Times 27 août 1994; AP 23 mai 1994. The Chair: We would appear to be winding down. This is the first time its happened; youve stumped all our MPs, and I want to compliment you on that. Stumped is the wrong word-youve exhausted all their questions. Today, this area corresponds to the 1st-4th arrondissements clustered on the right bank of the see map. These streets, associated with prostitution, had very evocative if indelicate names including the Rue du Poil-au-con or hair of the con, from the meaning female genitalia, hence Street of the Pubic Hair, or Poil du pubis, later altered to the Rue du Pélican, in the, near the first, and the Rue Tire-Vit Pull-Cock, i.e., later the Rue Tire-Boudin, Pull-Sausage now Rue Marie-Stuart, in the, near the first. It is said that Tire-Boudin was a euphemism invented for when she asked after its name, and the street is now named after her. The nearby Rue Gratte-Cul Scratch-bottom is now the Rue Dussoubs, and the Rue Pute-y-Musse Whore who hides there the Rue du Petit-Musc by corruption. The rue Trousse-Nonnain fuck nun, later became Trace-Putain, Tasse-Nonnain, and Transnonain; then in 1851 it was amalgamated into the Rue Beaubourg. The Rue Baille-Hoë Give Joy is now Rue Taillepain in the near the Porte Saint-Merri. When a customer feels stigmatized because he has paid for sex, he is too embarrassed to seek out health care. This impacts on his emotional and physical health. This stigma will also affect the health of the sex worker, his wife or girlfriend, and his other sexual contacts. Despite the important role those spaces have played in the development of our communities, and the positive tool they have provided in our response to the AIDS crisis, police raids and prosecutions continue on the offensive allegation that the sexual acts that take place there are indecent. Bawdy house charges remain outstanding against a bathhouse in Hamilton, Ontario. Asia Watch et Physicians for Human Rights PHR. 9 mai 1993. Rape in Kashmir : A Crime of War. New York : Human Rights Watch. So we do not accept that the majority of sex trade workers should be considered adults simply consenting to sexual activity. These are women being victimized over and over again as they feel forced to engage in prostitution.